Aimie Herbert (UK) is Artist in residence at Konstepidemin during August 2017

Aimie Herbert is a painter and a framer living in Brighton. The main themes in her work are thought, colour, surface and expression.

Aimie Herbert

“Verbal and linguistic communication of one’s experience and anxiety can be extremely limited as it is controlled by society’s perception of what is normal. In contrast to this, the process of painting within a space has a boundless, unhindering energy that translates something out of my mind and puts a part of me onto canvas, absent of words or objects. This allows for a more fluid form of expression which can be interpreted by another person and form new meanings and nuances. The importance of the collection lies in the viewer responding to the exhibited work, allowing feelings that seem to be cryptic and incomprehensible to grow organically as a viewer interprets my work. My painting validates imagery, colour, shape and texture as a consolidated form of expression while we struggle to find the right words to explain our thoughts and experience . Variation in landscape has been the catalyst to directional changes and colour within my painting. Painting in Konstepidemin will inspire the progression of my work.”


Aimie Herbert. They’re just after the honey, oil on canvas 2017

Aimie Herbert. Something else, oil on canvas. 2013
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