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Carriee Bobo_web

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Carrie Bobo spent the last 14 years living and working in New York City with her painting and printmaking studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Carrie will continue to develop her practice at Konstepidemin from October 4th 2018 through January 31st 2019.

Carrie makes paintings, monoprints, and sculptures that are reflections on architecture. They are, in some ways, portraits of buildings. While at Konstepidemin Carrie will develop a project exploring cultural conceptions of home.

Homes are more than simple structures; they generate identity as well as a sense of continuity and stability. We begin to understand our position in society in relation to the appearance and location of our childhood homes.

Carrie’s own cultural references are grounded in suburban America, a place where success is often tied to the ownership of a ranch home with driveway, lawn, and mailbox; a typology whose enclosed automatically opening garage doors and privacy fences foster isolation from community.

Her work compares her own notions of home with vernacular Swedish models. Sweden’s Falu Rödfärg board and batten houses with their steeply peaked roofs connote history and warmth. Traditional courtyard buildings act as assimilators fostering community relationships. The relatively newly built Miljonprogrammet suburbs with their modular construction, appear to congregate populations already viewed as outsiders.

Carrie is particularly interested in how these different types of housing can be perceived as inclusive or exclusionary.

Carrie looks forward to engaging with the international community of visitors and artist at Konstepidemin to understand their response to the work and its presentation of home.

Follow along with her residency and view work in progress @carriebobo_studio



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