SERCOMBE_kep2016Dr Elizabeth Sercombe is a writer and researcher from the UK.

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“My work explores the dynamics and texture of human transformation in everyday life. At Konstepidemin I am researching and writing a novel which will bring aspects of my research to life through the lens of botany and plant science, exploring themes of inner and outer wildness and beauty, the adventure of transformation, and of ‘coming home’.  This is my fourth and longest residency, and will enable me to complete the third and final part of the work.”

Elizabeth is a writer and facilitator. Her most recent book Strange Adventures considers women’s inner transformation at different life stages in the works of French writer Pierrette Fleutiaux, and is informed by Jungian psychology and Beauvoirian philosophy.  Her work on human transformation crosses the boundaries of commercial, academic and creative life enabling people to explore what it means to be human, and to provoke curiosity and delight in the adventure of becoming ourselves.

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