Gordana Zikic. Flower headress, costume, installation, 2017.

Gordana Zikic is a shamanic artist, studying and incorporating traditions and innovations in shamanism, both ancestral and contemporary. 
“I have been always drawn to explore various cultural traditions and spirituality, exploring the ancient and symbolic traces of human experience and infusing them into a modern context. I create pictures of existing images of myths and legends, shamanic symbols and archetypal images through a direct intuitive approach and interpretation of visual patterns. Eclectic mixes and visual hybrids of ancient and modern images, define a subjective view of the world, which expresses a personal symbolic language, values, and frame of reference in my sculptures, drawings and installations. The world, and what is worthwhile in it, used as landmarks of moral and practical guidance for coping becomes not just a rational and conscious message, but a set of contents encoded in images that resemble mythological scenes.

With intuitive inspiration I bring impulsivity to expression, allowing ancient imagery to resurface and become new through the shamanistic experience of the contemporary artist in the act of creation. I would like to research links between neo-shamanism and contemporary visual arts, investigating phenomenon of recognizing contemporary artist as shaman.These phenomena offer new meanings and connections between the audience and the meaning of art, where the artwork instead of aesthetic experience itself remains open for review and redefinition, so that the observer participates in giving meaning.Investigating symbolic tapestry that sheds new light on the already well-known ritually treated spiritual formalism.I want to bring in creative new insights into the live symbolic tissue that is constantly and repeatedly generated in every human being.

Drawings and objects have personal narratives intertwined with different ancient cultures and mythologies. Inspired with sculptures from ancient temples and tombs and combining with every day objects, making new context. Images have strong narrative behind, beside visual context, creating personal mythology.”

Gordana Zikic, Black Box, wall drawing 3×2 m, 2015.

Gordana Zikic, Black Box Altar installation, 2015.

Gordana Zikic was born in Serbia, currently doing Phd studies in visual arts, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, where she got her MA and BA. Gordana is co-founder of Belgrade Artist in Residence program in Belgrade, Serbia, and Martial artist in residence, as part of the Center424 non-profit artist-run organization.  ly

Contact:  dragon277(at)gmail.com



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