Patricia Pos is a writer and translator from the Netherlands. During her stay at Konstepidemin she will be working on her debut novel that takes place mainly in Sweden and is to be published in 2018.

“In my writing, I aim to explore the relationship between people’s past and present life experiences and examine how one’s personal truth can influence one’s thinking and behaviour. Most of my work, including the novel I am currently working on, focuses on the way in which new adults find their way in the world. Other recurring themes in my prose include the complexities of trusting and believing in yourself and others. For the past few years, I’ve tried to develop my own style of writing by entering various writing competitions in different genres. Last year, my book proposal won one of these competitions and my prize was to be published by a large Dutch publishing house.”



Patricia Pos (28) is a writer and translator from the Netherlands. Once an aspiring journalist, she now translates books by award-winning authors such as Karen Kingsbury, Charles Martin and Melanie Dobson from English into Dutch. In her writing, she focuses on telling fictional stories about self-discovery from a new adult’s point of view.

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