Patricia Vane (Holland) är Artist in Residence på Konstepidemin under januari – juni 2018

“I am working on an ongoing research in which art and science are being cross-linked. My current focus is a deep commencing on the mechanics and motives of movement to observe one body in its environment. The purpose of this research is to strive for a fulfilling way of living. How do I get happy? What is happiness? How do I live a satisfying life? What does that mean, satisfactory? These questions are to be answered by perceiving the behavior of a body in its time and space.

Differentiation and the acknowledging of differences
How can we confront ourselves with concepts as segregation, discrimination and popularity and how we can solve the suffering that comes from it? To answer I am drawn by the idea of finding a natural, original, unspoiled behavior of my body. I have named it Original Position. The term I have also found in ‘A Theory of Justice’, a vision on jurisdiction, a work of political philosophy and ethics. It describes that depriving oneself from certain knowledge could help in building a more fair society.

To find the Original Position I’ve started to seek for point zeros in motion, physically but also mentally. A blank, empty, natural or unspoiled state.  I’ve discovered that to get to a blank state un-learning is an exigency.

How to un-learn is depended on how you are learning and how you are constituted. In physical exercises I am analyzing my movement behavior by acknowledging my anatomical shapes and muscle memory to reveal the educated behavior and get to the original position.

Research question this residency: How can we educate a body in moving most effortlessly and efficiently* by scrutinizing how we learn?”

From 22nd of January I will be teaching weekly a training based on yin yoga in the Guest Studio 2. The training provides exercises for the softer and plastic tissues of the body, like fascia and bones and will target the delicate joints. More information

Call for bodies: Trail guide of the body
I would like to invite you to join me in the research of locating muscles and bones, by touch and/or moving specific areas of the body. It will be an easy one-to-one session of discovering trails, getting to know one’s body. This research is part of my contribution and inspiration to the Axis Syllabus community

Duration: 60 min, Individual or with three persons
Fee: pay want you want

Appointment by request 
Sign up and information:
+31657409480 on whatsapp or iMessage
or Facebook messenger: Patricia Vane

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