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Konstepidemin is located close to Linnéplatsen in central Gothenburg and consists of 14 buildings surrounded by a large park. The buildings were originally used as Gothenburg’s Epidemical Hospital. From 1886 until 1970 epidemic diseases were treated here. When a group of artists landed their vision of a center for art and culture in 1987 the initiative was named Konstepidemin. Today Konstepidemin is here with the mission to infect society with art. More than 130 artists from diverse artistic fields have their studios here, for example visual artists, musicians, writers, actors, filmmakers and dancers. Konstepidemin also functions as a cultural platform and offers an extensive public program of visual and performing art events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and more.


As an artist run organization, all projects derive from the artists working here and their collective effort to develop Konstepidemin. Konstepidemin is committed to equality, diversity, and preventing discrimination in all areas of the organization and its dealings. Konstepidemin collaborates with Swedish and International organizations and institutions. The organization is financed through rentals, sales, funds and yearly support from the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and The Swedish Arts Council.


Konstepidemin’s artist-in-residence program started in 1990. There are five studio apartments which are rented out to approximately 30 international artists, writers, musicians, curators and speakers annually. The productive artistic environment, and the opportunity to develop one’s artistry and projects, are important reasons why artists seek us out, and often return.


Galleri Konstepidemin exhibits contemporary art by Swedish and International artists and offers multiple venues, such as traditional exhibition space and more experimental venues suitable for installations and site-specific work. On average, 30 exhibitions are presented yearly, along with seminars, presentations and artist talks.


Allas Ateljé runs an art education programme for schools and preschools, as well as creative workshops both at Konstepidemin and other sites in the region. The workshops are held by professional artists and are based on an idea of being able to create together, regardless of age, gender or background. The process, imagination and freedom of creativity, rather than the final result, is in focus.


Konstepidemin has been in constant development since the start in 1987 and new projects are always moving forward. Activities are initiated by the members, for example BRA10 lectures and performance events and Ateljé Kollegiet, a residency with the mission to encourage interaction between cultural art expressions of diverse backgrounds. In 2013, Konstepidemin Publishing House was founded with the mission to further an in-depth conversation and nurture the relationship between the audience and the artistic practice. Several actors within music, theater, dance and film based on Konstepidemin develop performing art events and movie screenings for children and adults. Konstepidemin also collaborates with other initiatives in Gothenburg, such as GIBCA Extended, the satellite program of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art and Gothenburg Culture Festival.


At Konstepidemin you can experience performing art events, exhibitions, talks and other art interactions. In conjunction with Galleri Konstepidemin’s art openings (once a month during fall and spring) you can for example visit workshops, artist talks, performances and more. You can join Konstepidemins Vänner – Friends of Konstepidemin – and get invited to events where the artists at Konstepidemin takes you on a guided journey through their artistic process.