Digital visning – Stories from Dagie & the Ecoberry Film Soup Workshop

Av Konstepidemin

Stories from Dagie & the Ecoberry Film Soup Workshop

Under hösten 2020 arbetade en grupp konstnärer från Västra Götaland tillsammans med Dagie Brundert, tysk filmskapare och pionjär inom växtbaserad filmframkallning, för att skapa korta filmer om klimatpåverkan. Filmerna är framkallade i lokalt växtbad och visas även på plats i Ateljé 303 (Bageriet) på Konstepidemin 27 jan – 7 feb 2021.

Medverkande: Dagie Brundert, Carrie Bobo, Emi Linna, Kim Jansson, Maja Kristin Nylander, Sara Lännerström och Maria Magnusson


1,10 minutes
Short film with all artist. Editing Sara Lännerström. Music Superstandard with The Exorcists GBG.
Kort film med alla konstnärer. Redigering Sara Lännerström. Musik Superstandard med The Exorcists GBG

A ballad of rain and melancholia
Video 1,30 minutes
A persistent rainfall which hopefully slows down. Inspired by SMHI´s report Future climate in Västra Götaland. The annual rainfall can rise up to 25% in Västra Götaland at the end of the century, if the carbon emissions not decrease.
The film is made in Göteborg and is eco-friendly developed in vitamin C, coffe, washing soda and turmeric.

4,33 minutes
”This film was done when I participated in Dagie Brundert’s workshop: Eco Berry Film Soup, 7-14th of November 2020, with the theme climate impact in Västra Götaland. The films takes its starting point from a number of walks at Landala. During the walks I noticed some Hollyhock – Alcea rosea, still blooming in mid november. The Film is hand processed in eco developer using instant coffee, vitamin C and washing soda, then buried in dirt from a flowerbed at Konstepidemin for 24 hours.”
Sound collage: excerpts from the astrologer Robin Armstrong’s recording, Nuclear war 1984? from 1976.
Maria Magnusson is a Gothenburg (Sweden) based artist/experimental filmmaker whose work explores the relation between sound and the moving picture in experimental videos and short films”.

Dance for a Cold Winter
3,02 minutes
”With help from my dear friends I created a winter dance. Like there are rain dances and sun greetings to winkle out a specific weather. Facing up and dealing with the climate change topic was a bit overwhelming for me. So Dance for a cold winter was the solution. The film was shot at Saltholmen, November 2020. Developed at Konstepidemin in coffee, vitamin C and washing soda. Music On Stream with Nils Petter Molvær.”
Sara Lännerström makes installation art and film combining rough as well as delicate sense for the material. Using a singular logic transforming experiences, facts and fantasy in her work.

Föreställ dig havet
1,45 minutes
”This short piece deals with the relation between us and the sea. The sea can be both our threat and our opportunity – an escape way out but also a danger.  But as long as the sea is breathing so are we. There’s even a name for when the sea is breathing. Filmed at Galterö with super 8, Developed in coffee and beetroot. Lamentation by Eva Rune”.
Maja Kristin Nylander is a visual artist working mostly with staged photography.

What We Have to Lose
3,26 minutes
Carrie Bobo is a multi-disciplinary artist and architect working between Bushwick, Brooklyn and Göteborg, Sweden.  Connecting art and architecture, Carrie’s work explores cultural conceptions of home and belonging.  Her paintings, drawings, writings, prints, and films investigates façade, control, inclusion, and exclusion; they are portraits of home.

Carrie produced the film ‘What We Have to Lose’ in the Fall of 2020 during the Corona virus pandemic in Göteborg, Sweden in the forest around Delsjön using a super 8 camera and white linen, and developing the film in bark collected from the forest floor during the filming.  The film focus on our biophilic impulses and how we have failed to honor them, tainting nature irreparably, pursuing ill advised paths at a frantic pace, failing to change despite many crossroads, and launching into the Anthropocene, a period where we are forced to decide what home we make for ourselves.

Until There is Nothing
2,01 minutes
“Are we just going to keep on rubbing our palms together, until there is nothing left? This film was developed with a mix of tree bark, vitamin C and washing soda.”
Emi Linna is a visual artist originally from Helsinki, Finland. Currently Linna is doing her MFA at HDK-Valand Art Academy, Göteborg.