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Is Art Essential? Lisa Marr & Paolo Davanzo (Echo Park Film Center) about Community Cinema during Covid-19.

Av Konstepidemin

Is Art Essential? Community Cinema During Covid-19
Online lecture with Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo from Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, discussing difficulties and opportunities in Community Art today, specifically relating to the global situation with Covid-19.

Lisa Marr is a filmmaker, musician, educator and film activist. Paolo Davanzo is a filmmaker, educator and film activist, both are based in Vancouver and Los Angeles. As part of a diverse 20-member Co-op, they help operate Echo Park Film Center – a media arts center in Los Angeles. EPFC is a combination of creative hub and platform for different genres of film, workshops, eco activism and community based art in connection to the sister-platform EPFC North in Vancouver.

The lecture is the first in a series of digital seminars produced by the International group at Konstepidemin that highlight how artist-driven initiatives address urgent societal issues today.