Portrait photo of Anssi Pulkkinen

Anssi Pulkkinen

Anssi Pulkkinen (Finland) är Nordic Match F.I.L-stipendiat och gästkonstnär på Konstepidemin September – November 2018. Anssi Pulkkinen ställer ut på Galleri Konstepidemin tillsammans med Azadeh Ismaili Zaghi 27 oktober – 18 november. 

Nordic Match F.I.L är ett nytt residensprogram för konstnärer från Finland, Island, Litauen, läs mer här.

“In my current practice I’m mostly concentrated in making sculptural interventions both in interiors and outdoors. My work is grounded in observations of the daily environment, buildings, places and spaces, and how we live in them, relate to them, imagine them. My artistic gestures may often take a form of distortion of these daily observations. They come as fine operations, serene and delicate, with humor. As a visual language I use travesty or mimicry, whereby works disguise themselves as elements from a familiar environment; once inserted in a daily setting they literally multiply the view and the experience thereof. These elements seem to exceed or rupture the system of here and now, to exceed or rupture man’s organization of space and time. They are elements of disruption in an organized world – glimpses of disarray. ”


Anssi Pulkkinen, Intersecting Items (Drained-View), installation 2017


Anssi Pulkkinen, Street View (Reassembled), installation 2017

Anssi Pulkkinen is a visual artist based in Helsinki. He has earned his MFA in The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, and is currently undergoing his DFA research. In 2017 he realized major commissions with the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux and ARoS Triennial. Previously Pulkkinen has exhibited in Wiels Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels, Galerie Titanik in Turku, Galerie Forum Box and Galerie Anhava in Helsinki, and Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum. Pulkkinen has also carried out numerous projects within public art, currently working with upcoming commissions in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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