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Galleri Konstepidemin på Art Fair Suomi 2019, Helsinki
— Pia Mauno, Marie Holmgren, Love Hultén, Tomas Lundgren, Katarina Elvira Gudrunsdotter

Participating Artist´s: Love Hulten, Marie Holmgren, Tomas Lundgren, Pia Mauno, Katarina Elvira Gudrunsdotter

The galleries and artist groups showcased at Art Fair Suomi are Cose Cosmiche (Italy),CultRise (Italy), Drive In of Sound Art(Norway), Ed Video Media Arts Centre(Canada), Elektrozavod gallery (Russia), Ergastule (France), Immuto (UK/Italy), Galleri Konstepidemin (Sweden), MŰTŐ(Hungary), THE ROOM BELOW (Japan) ja3:e Våningen(Sweden), Gallery Huuto (Finland), Gallery Katariina (Finland),Gallery Sculptor (Finland), Finnish Darkroom Association (Finland), Artist Collective Kunst (Finland) and tm•galleria (Finland).

Katarina Elvira Gudrunsdotter

At Art Fair Suomi19, 13FESTIVALEN present a performance by guest artist Katarina Elvira Gudrunsdotter.

Gudrunsdotter’s work explore altered states of consciousness and awareness in relation to space, materia and existential issues of our time. The work often holds multilayered meanings and invite to quiet reflection on the world around and inside us. Gudrunsdotter’s installation has just been showed in a Solo Exhibition at MUU Gallery .

Love Hultén

Love Hulten mixes artist and craftsman fusing traditional artisan knowledge with modern technology. With delicate execution and mystique, he aims to breathe life into objects and create personal stories. Hulten`s work has been shown at lam8bit gallery, Los Angeles,Palazzo Litta , Milan. Trollhättan konsthall , Varbergs konsthall, Sweden.


Marie Holmgren

Marie Holmgren is an artist based in Gothenburg. Holmgren`s searches for the presence of the human body in nature. Her fascination for the interaction between nature and body shows in her latest works. Holmgren`s works have been shown at galleries and art museums all over Europe. Recently at Luleå konsthall and Gallery PS Gothenburg, Sweden.


Tomas Lundgren

Tomas Lundgren’s work revolves around images as history and memory. Often based on archival imagery he recreates and reinterprets parts of the past through painting in greyscale. Lundgren’s works has been exhibited at Moderna Museet Malmö, Färgfabriken in Stockholm and Göteborgs Konsthall and recently at Gallery Cora Hillebrand, Gothenburg


Pia Mauno

Pia Mauno artist and initiator for the thin thank, Skräddare som rebell / Taylor as rebell

Pia Mauno`s work samples from surrealism and textile cultur heritage. Her work can both be seen as mapping of an inner world and depict the surrounding social structures. Mauno’s pictorial space make up vertiginous perspectives in which characters with costume and mask perform movements somewhere between dance and struggle. The textile: the fold, the draping and the disguise, construction and deconstruction of the body moves as a red thread through Mauno’s work. This theme can also be found in her initiative to the think tank ”Tailor as rebel”, which consists of a group of artists, writers and curators, who all share some kind of textile heritage. Maunos work has been showed at  Göteborgs konsthall, Hamarkullen konsthall, HIT , Galleri Thomassen Gothenburg , Institut Suèdoise,Paris. Her work is currently on view at  the exhibition Weave, braid, fasten at Västerås Art museum , Sweden.


Art Fair Suomi 2019, a unique contemporary art festival, takes over Cable Factory in 23 -26 May 2019. Along with contemporary Finnish artists (members from Artists’ Association MUU and Photographic Artists’ Association), the festival presents artist-run galleries and groups from all over the world. Art Fair Suomi is open for the 12th time, presenting a network of galleries, as well as oases dedicated to performance, sound art, concerts and media art program. Furthermore, the festival offers art books, culinary experiences, and discussions on pressing art topics.



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