Hyojoo Lee – Artist in Residence

Hyojoo Lee (Seoul, South Korea) is artist in residence at Konstepidemin during 1 November – 31 December, 2018


I am interested in making my marks on the object and in the space. The marks on the object show my gestures how I play with them. Each material responds to my hands moving in their own specific ways. When they meet the space, they can be the marks in the place.

My works are inspired by nature especially plants growing in the space. When plants grow, they touch the ground which becomes the mark and gesture of the soil. In this process of nature, the plants and earth interact each other, continually producing changes. I believe that my way of making work; touching the object and material is similar to this virtue of nature.

Reacting intuitively in the place is very important of my work process. Usually, bring raw materials such as clays and plasters and make directly in the space and using very simple gestures such as rolling, touching and pushing materials. It becomes the marks and memories about me and materials and place.


Porträtt av Hyojoo Lee

Hyojoo Lee

jammm, fired clay, 2018, 12x9x10cm


LeeLeee, unfired clay ,2018, 375x73x3 cm




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