Walls – Revisited, Re-edited

In the exhibition Walls – Revisited, Re-edited, Galleri Konstepidemin introduces a joint exhibition between Anssi Pulkkinen and Azadeh Esmaili Zaghi. The exhibition takes place through Nordic Match F.I.L., which is a new collaborate with a Nordic Match F.I.L resident in Konstepidemin and a Gothenburg based artist.

The two artists presented here, share the same interest towards tangible and physical effects as expressions or symptoms of more comprehensive phenomena and human experience. Furthermore, they both find their interest in the obscure domain of constraints, boundaries and borders. Through playful yet distracting gestures, they seek to bring forth the significancy in the structures we inhabit. The exhibition Walls – restructured, re-editedbrings together the distinct artistic practices of these two artists with a set of activated arrangements, which resonate within the physical experience of the gallery setting.

In her previous practice, Gothenburg based artist Azadeh Esmaili Zaghi has adapted a wide range of artistic mediums from video performances to sculptural object, to investigate methods of displacement and behaviors of migrancy and exile as strategies of crossing borders. By displacing and transitioning her own physical body and objects from one place to another, she has investigated what is the potential of the body and mind to push or pull the physical and mental restrictions. Here by restrictions she refers to the visible and invisible borders, limits and boundaries that have been established in human minds due to color, language, ethnicity and religion.

Anssi Pulkkinen, a Helsinki based artist working in Nordic Match F.I.L. residency during the Autumn 2018,has been making sculptural interventions within architectural interiors and outdoor, public space. His artistic gestures are often delicate operations that serenely distort the daily environment, with humor. These gestures seem to exceed or rupture the system of here and now, to exceed or rupture man’s organization of space and time. They are elements of disruption in an organized world.

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