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afterwork i bageriet – experimentell film
Pia Mauno, Maria Magnusson


Pia Mauno och Maria Magnusson bjuder in till en experimentell film afterwork på Bageriet.
4 maj Afterwork från kl 17.00 med filmvisning kl 18.30 (ca.45 min). Dj Bruce Leenus spelar skivor under kvällen.
5 maj Filmvisningar kl 13.00  och  15.00

Maria Magnusson har bjudit in 6 st internationella filmare/konstnärer från Toronto och Los Angeles och sammanställt ett kortfilmsprogram, den gemensamma nämnaren är experimentell film och konstfilm så som found footage, sonic findings, animation, 16mm, super 8.

Medverkande: Clint Enns, Philip Hoffman, Eva Kolcze, Leslie Supnet, Beaux Mingus,  Maria Magnusson och Gina Marie Napolitan.

Om filmerna:
Let Me ASMR You
 (02:40 min) 2014, Found Footage,
Rhythm study using ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) inducing sounds from videos found on Youtube.

Self Improvement (02:43 min) 2010, found footage/after effects
A self help video that rests somewhere between the realms of code hacking, archaic design and spiritual awakening.
Clint Enns is a video artist and filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario. His work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and microcinemas.

The Time We Got To Expo (09:06 min) 2015, 16mm, Super 8, HD
A meditative journey through Expo 67, re-visiting a significant moment in Canadian history using manipulated imagery taken from educational and documentary films. Footage has been re-worked using tints, toners and photochemical techniques to create a vibrant collision of colours, textures and forms. Film by Philip Hoffman and Eva Kolcze Sound by Joshua Bonnetta

Philip Hoffman is one of the most influential experimental film artists working in Canada today. He has created a remarkable and sustained body of media art over nearly four decades in that has had an immense impact on several generations of Canadian experimental filmmakers and digital moving image artists.

Eva Kolcze is a Toronto-based artist and filmmaker whose work explores themes of landscape, architecture and the body.  Her work has screened at venues and festivals including the National Gallery of Canada, Anthology Film Archives, Birch Contemporary, International Rotterdam Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and the Images Festival.

First Sun (02:30 min) 2014,  Animation, 16 mm
An animated visioning of the birth of the Sun, shot on black and white 16mm.

Second Sun (03:04 min) 2014, Animation,  Super 8
The rising sound of drums emphasizes flashes of lights, images of the solar system and a post-apocalyptic imagining of the birth of our Second Sun.

Leslie Supnet is a moving image artist who uses animation, found media, and lo-fi and experimental practices to create psychological narratives about loss, trauma, and change. Her work has screened at various micro-cinemas, galleries, and film festivals around the world.

Numberland (02:00 min) 2014, HD Video
A little girl falls asleep at her school desk. A short animated sketch, featuring a children’s mathematics textbook from the 1920s.

Gina Marie Napolitan is an experimental filmmaker, multimedia artist, and arts educator originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, now residing in Los Angeles. Her animated films have screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival, Anthology Film Archive in New York City, LA FilmForum, Antimatter Film Festival, Black Maria, animateCologne, and numerous other venues in the United States and abroad.

Charlotte (01:08 min) 2016, 16mm, HD
Stairs, hills, desert plants, shadows and tea with a dear friend.
Music by Jon Almaraz

Originally from Bakersfield, CA, Beaux Gest Mingus is a filmmaker whose work focuses on capturing intimate, personal rituals and the emotional resonance of overlooked places. His films have screened at The Canton Palace Theatre International Film Festival, REDCAT, Echo Park Film Center, The Kristi Engle Gallery, Public Space ONE in Iowa City, Exploded View Gallery in Tucson, and Monkeytown in Brooklyn.

Take it apart and put back together again (15:46 min) 2014, HD,16mm
I remember my dreams by the color they are…   (04:21 min) 2010,  DV
Maria Magnusson is a Gothenburg based photographer whose work explores the relation between sound and the moving picture in experimental videos and short film. Her experimental films have screened at festivals, galleries and micro-cinemas including International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, LA FilmForum, Echo Park Film Center,The Alchemy Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, the Images Festival.