Bra 10: Filmmaker Sara Tirelli in conversation with producer Fredrik Lange

A Fragmented World, HD, 5’18’’, b&w, sound, experimental video, still from video, 2016


Filmmaker Sara Tirelli in conversation with producer Fredrik Lange.
Tuesday 17th October 18.00. Hus 10, Konstepidemin.
Free admission.

Sara Tirelli (Italy) is a filmmaker and artist whose work lays along the border between art and cinema. Sara Tirelli is currently working on a VR installation within the Artist in Production Residency at Kostepidemin. The Production Residency is arranged by Borås Museum of Modern Art, Kultur i Väst, Region Västra Götaland, Iaspis – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists. The scholarship covers 3 months of at Konstepidemin and 80,000 SEK in production support for a new work.

Tirelli is interested in the cinematic experience understood as perceptual and cognitive process and in how the collective imagery and technology shape and redefine the concept of “Reality”. Her art practice approaches technology not only as a means of representation, but as the object of investigation. As filmmaker she explores unconventional modes of representation and storytelling and focuses on the phenomenology of vision to research the processes that define “the act of looking” and the links between “what is perceived” and “what is real “. Her work is often a critical reflection on media’s power to influence the forms of thought and it is moved by the will to search for historical and political reasons that are hidden behind certain narrative and aesthetic choices. She lives in Venice. Read more

Fredrik Lange is a Swedish film producer and script writer who started his career in the theatre. 1993-1994 Academy of Arts in Prague, directing theater and dramaturgy. 2001 Film producing studies in Trollhättan, exam 2005. He has a Master in Film production from the School of Filmdirecting at the Gothenburg University from 2010. Manages Vilda Bomben Film AB since 2008.

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