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Seminar: Using Arts as Means of Leadership

Using Arts as Means of Leadership and problem – solving skills development
Pressing deadlines and critical situations can make us feel mentally exhausted. Therefore we should learn how to resist that stress and give our brains a deserved rest!

Come, learn and experience artistic techniques that switch your focus towards irrational creative thinking, which surprisingly results in improvement of your self-leadership and problem-solving skills.

11:00 Introduction and presentation of the speakers (20 min)
11:20 Lecture ”Brain Functioning in Art and Leadership” (60 min)
12:20 Special guest (40min)
13:00 Creative workshop on irrational thinking (40 min)
13:40 Lunch break
Lunch at one of the restaurants nearby, not sponsorsed by the organizers. (90 min)
15:10 Lecture ”Train your creativity”  (60 min)
16:10 Group art workshop (40 min)
16:50 Evaluation and sum up (30 min)Find out more about the event and register here.
Participation is free of charge.

Trevor Archer – Brain Functioning in Art and Leadership
Dr. Archer was born in 1949. At 7 years, he was sent to St. Joseph’s College in North Point, Darjeeling, and from 15-17 years he attended Wallington Grammar School in Wallington, UK. During this time Trevor was part-time stable lad (jockey). Later on he was offered a position at the Institute of Animal Physiology in Babraham, UK, and took his HND qualification at Cambridge Polytechnical College in 1971. Thereafter, he obtained an Honour’s degree in Psychology and Physiology at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, and a PhD at Uppsala University in Sweden. From 1978 to 1988, he was employed by Astra Läkemedel AB with the position of Head of CNS Drugs when he left to take up a new appointment as Professor and Chair of Biological Psychology at Gothenburg University. I have had the position of Guest or Visiting Professor at 6 universities worldwide and received an Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award from St. Joseph’s College in North Point, an Honorary Doctorship, Professorship and Membership Awards from the Polish Academy of Science Pharmacological Society, and the Sansone Award for Studies in Well-being at School of Medicine of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Archer was also made Professor Emeritus on 30th October, 2016, and appointed Senior professor at Gothenburg university on 1st December that same year.

Anna Liebel, Moderator
Anna has background in computer science and a double Master degree in project management. Making things happen is her calling, which she follows both in her professional life and during her free time. Anna’s interests are travels, sports and languages, and she more than gladly coaches others in reaching their goals, be it changing fitness and food habits, planning a dream trip, getting into a new hobby, or identifying and following the dream career path. Her motto is based on the words of a wise adventurer Annelie Pompe: adventure is not what you do; it’s what your attitude is.

Jens Nordberg – Train your creativity
Jens is a Psychologist and Computer Scientist that has worked extensively with introducing creative behaviors into organizations, as well as a previous career as an agile coach and organizational psychologist. He has more than 15 years of consultancy experience and has worked for amongst others Volvo Group, SCA, Ericsson, Mölnlycke Healthcare within the areas of creative facilitation, training creativity and training facilitators.

Olga Bachila – Art workshops leader
Olga has triple academic degree in business and entrepreneurship with her heart  longing towards painting. This year she made a big turn in her career and jumped into visual art industry. Olga is a founder of ARTMEDITATION technique that helps people in corporate word to find their flow in business and private life through expressive art. Olga’s mission is to inspire others to follow their passions and true calling.

Organized by Olga Bachila and Anna Liebel
For any questions about the event please contact: swedolga(at)gmail.com
Financed by Svenska Institutet