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Flat Earth – Annika Lundgren (SWE)
— GIBCA Extended: Nordic Match F.I.L.

Nordic Match F.I.L exhibition is a collaboration with Annika Lundgren (SWE) and Goda Palekaite (LTU). This is the second year of a three year Artist-in-Residence programme with focus on Finland, Iceland, Lithuania. A collaboration project, where the selected Nordic Match F.I.L artist will be connected and collaborate with a professional artist living and working in Gothenburg or surrounding areas to create a joint exhibition at Galleri Konstepidemin. Every residency covers a three months long stay for each resident artist, thanks to a three-year financial support from the Nordic Culture Point. AIR Konstepidemin actively aims to establish a platform for artistic production based on international exchanges, which is connected to community, development and society.

Flat Earth / Platt Jord
Readings  by Annika Lundgren with Tove Posselt and Ellen Skafvenstedt
Saturdays (Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23 ) at 1 PM throughout the exhibition period
Photo: Chris Downer, Creative Commons / license for reuse

Flat Earth consists of a series of scripted readings, performed by three voices and three bodies. Here, speech becomes a simultaneously material and non-material medium while the omission of words become precarious states of tension and attention. Thematically, the readings consider the concept of truth and reflects upon what production of knowledge that may be the outcome of the friction and gaps between the countless informations, opinions, experiences and positions that make up the discourse in present-day society. What happens when the polarised, black-and-white understanding of what is true and false unfolds into a chaotic and complex grey area? What new perspectives emerge in the interference between different views of the world when the borders between them dissolve? Who owns the definition of the truth? And how does what we experience relate to what we know?

The piece is performed in four parts, where each reading explores the issues from a different aspect. In the interim periods, visitors will encounter shorter, intermittent text presentations.

Annika Lundgren (SWE) is an artist, researcher and educator.She currently works at the performance platform Skogen in Gothenburg and is a co-founder of the Skogen School. Lundgrens current artistic practice consists of time-and text based work where the central vectors are the narrative, the political and the performative. For some years, her projects have been revolving around the subversive potential of the seemingly irrational and how the concept of magic, along with that of other marginalised practices, can be used to address and analyse politics and theaters of power. The negotiation between fiction and reality, between truth and various forms of untruth, has been a constant feature throughout those works. Lately, different forms of orally performed text have been her main means of expression, amounting to a series of “speaking pieces” or readings, ranging from poetry to political address. Lundgren is intrigued by the relationship between the vocal and physical expressions of the speaking individual and by the different ways a narrative, or several simultaneous ones, can be performed through the combination of the two. She also have a great interest in the public address in political settings;  the quality of speech –and it’s deliberate omission–, its emotional and physical impact on an audience and the dynamics between posture, gesture and voice.


Goda Palekaite (LTU) read more

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