Two international artists are invited to Gothenburg each year for a three month residency through IASPIS, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee`s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists. The aim of the residency is to promote and provide support for exchange between international artists and local Gothenburg artists, institutions and other art initiatives. Iaspis collaborates with a local group in Gothenburg. Twice a year the Iaspis-group in Gothenburg collects and processes local proposals which they present to a decisionmaking board at The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Deadline for proposals September 16th 2018
The Iaspis-group in Gothenburg now welcomes proposals for international visual artists to be invited for a residency scheduled between August – October 2019. The selected artist will have access to a guest studio at Konstepidemin, which also serves as living quarters. The artist will receive a stipend of 15 000 SEK/month, and Iaspis will also cover the travel expenses to and from Gothenburg. The stipend is not
remuneration for work but a tax free stipend given for artistic excellence. Proposals can be made by Gothenburg-based artists, institutions and other art initiatives. Please note that international artists cannot propose themselves to be invited to the residency. Konstepidemin’s residency programme and the local Iaspis-group will do their best to support the visiting artist to have a valuable exchange with the city and the local art scene.

Proposals should be emailed to: iaspisgbg@galleribox.se
Deadline: September 16th.

The proposal should include:

  • Complete Name, address and contact for both the proposed artist, as well as for the contact person submitting the proposal.
  • Link to website or online portfolio for proposed artist (An attachment with a portfolio of under 6mb is also acceptable)
  • Short presentation of the artist and their work of max. 500 words
  • Short description of any potential planned activities (workshops, shows, etc.) or projects that the artist might engage in whilst in Gothenburg.
  • Proposed artists, curators, etc. that the visiting artist might meet during the residency period.

Please note that the proposed artist must have been contacted and been familiarized with the circumstances for the residency before the proposal is submitted. The invited artist should be an artist that could be expected to engage in an rewarding exchange with the regional art scene and that might provide valuable experiences for our relationship with the outside world.

The local Iaspisgroup in Gothenburg consists of representatives from:
Göteborgs Konsthall, Akademin Valand, Röhsska, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, GIBCA, Röda Sten, HDK, Gallery Four, Konstepidemin, as well as Gallery Box that is currently acting as Convener of the group.

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